The 85th Nipolene Krispifit Memorial Inventors' Convention

A lady operates a balloon machine.

Necessity is the mother of invention

You are sitting at the bar at The 85th Nipolene Krispifit Memorial Inventors' Convention. Your solar powered torch was not received as expected. Next to you a man is drinking champagne from five crystal glasses. It is Lan Hubelcube. His inventions were the toast of the convention:

He is drunken and boastful. He bores you with talk of his successes. The night wears on. You are alone together in the bar.

On a torn up beer mat, he scribbles the scheme for his next invention: a sherbet fountain pen. Chuckling tight-eyed, he slumps onto the bar. You poke him. He is in a stupor. The schematic stares at you from the bar top. The all-night patent office is around the corner.

Do you take a walk?